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  "Debbie's individualized training program has worked wonders for my knee.  For over a year I went to a physician and physical therapist for knee pain but to no avail.

My wife suggested I get a personal trainer so that a specific program could be developed.  Debbie developed a personal workout program for me that emphasized strength, balance and flexibility oriented toward my knee problem.  The knee pain began to subside within two months and by the end of four months there was no pain in my knee.  My knee has been pain free for almost a year, and, being a runner a pain free run is fabulous. Debbie has my unwavering recommendation and support as a personal trainer; she will develop a program that emphasizes the body part in need supported by the body as a whole."


~Ken Still, PhD, MBA

    Fellow ATS

    Fellow AIHA



“Since having been a personal trainer in the past, I thought I would be fine in focusing on getting back into shape. After a year without much success, I thought I would try using a personal trainer for myself since my previous routine was stagnant. I was very particular about whom I would want to have as a personal trainer and I am glad I chose to work with Debbie. She is GREAT! She is very professional and knowledgeable and works with you in helping you attain your goals. Her one-on-one training focuses on your goals and the best ways to attain them in a safe and manageable way. She updated my existing routine, gave me fun and challenging exercises, and helped me focus on my nutrition to start seeing the results that I had been trying for. After reaching my goal, I still meet with Debbie monthly to keep me on track and come up with great exercises to continue to challenge and keep me motivated. Coming from someone with experience in a related field, I would recommend Debbie to people of all fitness levels, from people wanting to start taking care of themselves to those who are devoted exercisers. I feel fortunate Debbie has been by my side through this last year!”





"'s most useful that both my desired areas of attention and Debbie's knowledge of total body fitness are blended in exercise sessions--keeps it interesting, too!" 


~Pam Still



“I have been working out with Debbie for 3 months, and I feel so lucky to have found  her. She helped me stop gaining weight and start losing. I have lost 15 pounds so far and am still going. Debbie is very motivating and helps me get through workouts that I could never do on my own. I have worked with 3 personal trainers before, and  I am a firm believer in how much more effective it is to work with a trainer than to work out alone. I think Debbie is the best I have had yet. She comes everyday with a plan of what we will accomplish and logs the exercises and reps that I do. We also plan for what I will do on off days to stay on track, which is very helpful. She even does outside research and brings information for me that she thinks I might find useful. Whether you have worked with a trainer before or this is your first time, and especially if you feel discouraged by weight gain or lack of weight loss, give Debbie a call. I wish I had called her sooner.”

 ~Angie B.




"My daughter and I had the privilege of working with Debbie.  She is easy going yet able to keep us motivated. She was more than willing to answer our questions and has a wealth of information. Although we were training together, she individualized the routines for each of us. We highly recommend Debbie.  We loved that she came to us and we didn't have to go to a gym."


~Cheryl Duvall, RN, LMT




“A few months ago a co-worker said, ‘Those arms are looking a little flabby!’ I realized then it was time to get into shape.  Debbie at Fitway Lifestyle was just the  person to help me.  I have two small children, so finding time to exercise has always  been an issue. Fortunately, Debbie comes to my home when it is convenient for me and has given me some creative exercise ideas.  She is a realist in goal setting and has helped me plan out weekly goals that even the busiest of people, like me, can find time to do. Thanks to Debbie I’m looking much more toned and I’m not embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts to work now.”

 ~Gwen S.                          




















Personal Training & Weight Loss, In-Home for women and couples

   Serving the Portland Metro Area ~ Beaverton, Aloha, Tigard, Tualatin,

   NW/SW Portland, Lake Oswego, King City, Close-in East Portland, and East Hillsboro

                                                      “After my two sons were born, I found it hard to drop the last 10 pounds of

                                                                   baby weight.  Although I knew I could no longer eat the way I used to, I felt

                                                                   helpless to change my patterns of eating.  Debbie at Fitway Lifestyle came to

                                                                   my rescue!  She met with me weekly to help me set exercise and eating goals.

                                                                   She gave me insights into nutrition, weight loss, and weight maintenance that

                                                                   no one had ever explained to me.  She walked me through the process of

                                                                   replacing old eating habits with new ones.  I am thrilled to say that I am 10

                                                                   pounds lighter, one size smaller, and 100 times happier with the image I see

                                                                   in the mirror.  More importantly, I have learned to think through my calorie

                                                                   intake, assess the nutritional value of foods, and challenge myself in my

                                                                   workouts!  I could not have done this without Fitway Lifestyle.”


~ Liza P.

Update: Liza has lost several more pounds and another pant size.  Great job Liza!